Sunday, August 22, 2010

Its a Boy!

No we are not crazy and medical science did not make it possible. His name is Truman and he is a gold Chevy Traverse. Vivian the van finally died (got towed 3 times in 45 days) and we hit the end of our patience. While it doesn't have all the bells and whistles it does have a few cool new toys like bluetooth - who knew how much easier it is to answer a call when you don't even need to know where your purse is in the car - and a back up sensor camera. We have already had two neighborhood kids test this out and are lucky enough that the beeping started when they ran behind a moving car. We hope to have at least 11 years with Truman like we had with Viv.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Quick new post since it is Easter break and I am not working this week (okay not getting paid to be at work, but trying to get to all of the stuff I can't do and be employed at the same time)!!!
Amy is in California this week on a choir trip and is now a licensed driver. She had her first real date last week before she left town and is really enjoying high school. She is dancing 10 hours a week right now, working at the dance studio, and busy with choir.
Robbie has just recovered from a sprained, not broken, wrist and is busy with Scouts, Tap, Tumbling and being a 7th grader. This week he has spent most of his time between playing out in the yard and playing Wii or DS. In short, he is enjoying being a kid before he has to be a teenager (although sometimes I think he has already crossed over the line).
Aaron has been reading as much as he can find lately. We have to keep reminding him that it is past his bedtime and go to sleep already. He is a great helper to me at home and at school. If I need something done, I ask Aaron.
Jaredd is so excited that he will be 8 in a couple of weeks. He has wanted to be a Cub Scout since he was 3 and is looking forward to his baptism in May.
We enjoyed a short trip to LA in February to see Paul's niece Sarah and Foti get married. We also managed to sneak in a day at Disney. Then it was back to the grind and real life until this week. Now the craziness starts with the school Art Auction and Field Day, and getting ready for the recital at the dance studio. Paul is also starting construction season, so his Fridays off may be going away for the summer soon. But we are all happy and healthy and so it is good to be crazy busy.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Christmas Shopping

I know that I will make all of you in bloggerville angry with me but I had to share that after a few days of really buckling down, I AM ALMOST DONE WITH MY CHRISTMAS SHOPPING! Okay, so part of it is that I am being really careful with the amount that I spend this year, part of it is that Amy only really wants me to pay for her California trip with her singing group in April, and part of it is that I LOATHE going to Walmart and Target during December (and don't even talk to me about the day after Thanksgiving). But I am really getting there. I even have an idea for my parents who are impossible to shop for. I just need to remember which cousins (and I even got something for the ones I remebered) I need to buy for, find something for my mother-in-law that says she doesn't want me to get her anything and then is kind of upset if you follow that wish, and for Paul's sister who is so hard to find a gift for less than the family limit of $25. Any suggestions?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Been a Long Time

Shelly is letting me take over again. Just to let you know, we have only had two (2) hours of church in the last three weeks! Yes, we hve had the H1N1 virus take over the stake, so to speak, with 15 confirmed cases. We were supposed to have a special Stake Conference to replace our Stake Presidency on Father's Day. The to be visiting General Authority canceled the conference and it has been resecheduled. From June 14 to today, June 28, we have had Girls' Camp canceled and all church related activities, including Home and Visiting Teaching, suspended until today. We have had more time than we could handle. Shelly was commenting to me how more time she seems to have had. Just different.

Since the last time that we hve checked in, So much has happened. I have been assigned to a new position at work. I am now a Field Engineer. That means that I get to go to construction sites and check traffic control, write change orders and get information that the Resident Engineer, my boss, needs. It may not seem great, but I have already learned a lot and am enjoying being in the field.

Shelly still has three callings at church and I am now the Ward Mission Leader. What a deal. All of the children are still alive and are progressing to the next birthdays and or goals. We know that it has been a long time, but since only some of you care (ha-ha) we haven't worried too much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Last but not least

is still Jaredd. He almost always remembers to do his homework (last week he "forgot" to bring his handwriting a spelling home all week long and had to do it over the weekend). He has his first loose tooth finally, but only because he bumped his knee on it during tumbling. He had been two whole weeks without hurting his head until the home teachers came over last night and he bumped up into the coffee table. At least we have witnesses this time.

I know that I don't post for months and then I post all at once until all my kids got a turn. I'm sick and avoiding what I am supposed to be doing.

Aaron's turn

Aaron has earned his Bear in Cub Scouts.
He has read his book for his book report already this month.
He almost has his back hand spring so he can move up to a new class at tumbling in the fall.
Aaron also has learned 9ths in tap.

Alright Aaron

Rob's stuff

Rob has almost earned his Tenderfoot for scouts (which wouldn't have been a big deal in our old ward) but moving put it back months. His leaders are trying, but most of the boys and their parents are not really motivated. He is also the patrol leader.
Rob also got second place for the 6th grade in the science fair.
He has also learned how to do a tuck.

Go Rob